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I'ts time to let someone else take on the tasks of preparing your taxes! Get your taxes done right!


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""I worked for other companies, including H&R Block, before I joined TCOA. I made more money this year working for myself in 3 months as a TCOA franchisee than I did working all year for other companies...... More

- Lisa Ross,
Star City, AR


Another Amazing Arkansas Company!

We believe that you will find our organization the best overall value. We try to minimize the stress of your investigative process. We will be:

very responsive

simple and supportive

open and honest

We have learned over the years that proving our value actually doesn’t require lots of work. Tax Return Preparation is actually a pretty simple process after you have created a successful formula. Here, you will not see many slick ad campaigns or lures, or too many polished and staged franchisee testimonials. We are a “Keep It Simple” kind of company focused on your specific success rather than our national growth objectives. Ever heard “If you help enough others get what they want, you eventually get what you want”? We refer to it as the law of reciprocity. Don’t underestimate us. We are on top of our national growth objectives. Behind the scenes, we have some of the most qualified staff building and implementing our strategy on a daily basis in many directions. We know where we are going and what it takes to get there.

Here’s a couple of hints- one happy franchise at a time-slow and steady.

We believe that today’s prospective franchise partner (you) looks through the marketing and smoke screens to get to the heart of the true franchise concept. We know what really matters and we will attract the right partners with similar goals: How much money can I make? How is the franchise poised for growth? How supportive are these people after I write the check? Do they really care about their franchisee or are they just trying to get another number onboard? These are very important questions. You must get to these answers to make a sound decision. You must look through all sales and marketing to see the core of the business. We have over 200 offices onboard in 25 states and we are increasing our momentum through programs such as: buy 1 get four free. We are poised for positive growth. However, our unique strategy is not to rule the world but to help each and every franchise become successful-one by one. Our company objective will follow accordingly.

There is another area we understand best: your future customer. Tax Centers of America’s headquarters are located where the first tax office was spawned in Russellville, Arkansas. After a few years, we thought about relocating to a better, more “corporate” location. We weighed the pros and cons and decided that leaving would take us away from the environment of our core customers. Understanding your customer in a very intricate manner is a very valuable asset. Over the past few years we understand that it is an asset to have our executive and support staff cohabiting with our most significant demographic. So, when you come for a visit, don’t expect the lush suites or executive offices that our competition provides. Instead, our corporate office will be right in the middle of your target customer.

If you value a back- to-basics, keep it simple-approach to successful business, keep getting to know us. If you believe that slow and steady wins the race, read more about us. If you believe that keeping the individual franchisee (you) happy is the highest measure of a franchisor’s success-we are your only choice.