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   The software Tax Centers of America uses is one of the best in the industry. Our tax software program is easy to learn and understand, and will provide you with a powerful tool. It was designed by tax professionals for tax professionals. Screens purposely look like IRS and state tax forms so you and your employees can start using the program immediately. Electronic filing are completely integrated and available with this software.

  The software provides interactive tax preparation and laser printing of federal tax forms, combining user-friendly screens with dozens of timesaving features. The program makes tax preparation easy to learn and understand. It includes forms and schedules which can be accessed with a single keystroke, automatic calculations, a point-and-click interface and easy customization.

  Error checking capabilities is another feature of the software. There is a three-level screening process - at the line, form and return levels - that performs hundreds of error checks to ensure accuracy of a return before it is printed out or electronically filed. Data is verified as you enter it. On-screen messages and printed reports help you find and correct mistakes quickly. Because of this emphasis on accuracy, our software users experience less than half the industry-average IRS rejection rate.

  Resident, part-year and non-resident state tax preparation for all states with an income tax is also available in conjunction with the federal program. The state programs include all the capabilities and features included in the 1040 Tax Preparation Program. Each state is integrated with the federal return so that data will automatically transfer to the state return. Electronic filing is also included for states with electronic filing capabilities.